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August 1959 saw the birth of a legend. Already in September 1959 the first mini took part in it's first rally. By the end of 1959 the mini had it's first victory. Since then many mini's raced national and international. The perfect starters car for clubman racers and for the pro's the mini could compete everywhere. This website is dedicated to al those drivers who raced, are racing or planning to race the classic mini.

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August 1959. The mini was itroduced to the public. Already on the 12th of September saw the first mini's competing. One of the first race was in Sweden. Some mini's enterd this race. But some minor trouble's on the car made the car not finishing the race.

Now 2013. Many mini's where used in racing. From amateur level to full pro drivers enjoying the sheer joy of racing a mini. Some famous names started their career in a mini. Like Nicky Lauda, Steve Soper and Jim Clark.

I started the search for drivers and mini’s early 2007. I only had a few photo’s from the early day’s of rallycross. No name to the car just a photo. it’s now 2012 and at this time there are more photo’s of this driver I’ve ever could dream of. And found the name of the driver. But not only that. The search is now over the whole world. Finding drivers from the past and present. Some famous dutch names in rallycross like : Fred Kalkhuis and Graham Strugnell and of course the unknown driver on the photo my father made in the early 70′s Maarten van den Oever.

In circuit racing some names come up as well Like Tonio Hildebrandt and Ellen Sminia. The last I recently met (2011) at a clasic car show at Zandvoort. What a great day that was. But not only the dutch drivers where found also drivers like Martin Short, Bill Sollis and many more. It’s to much to name all the persons who help me to complete te surge of drivers cars and the history. But I hope I can do it with a big THANK YOU!!! But the only problem is I do it al alone. So al the info, photo’s and data’s of history will take a lot of time to put on the website. That means that you have to wait a little untill new photo’s will arrive and will be put on the website. I hope you will understand. Further I hope you still enjoy the website and that I will see you back in future.

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