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What do i do

I like to photograph :

Car racing events (from autocross to circuit)


Motorsport events

and many more different sportsevents.

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Hello I’m Roald. Photographer of racing mini’s and other sportsevents. Started photography in 2014 as a part of my hobby of finding drivers who raced in mini’s in the past as well current drivers. What started as a hobby brought me in 2017 to the USA to see the mini’s race at Sonoma Raceway.

Besides the racing mini’s I like to photograph any other racing or sporting¬† events


Regards Roald Rakers


What a week

Well it was a hectic week. Was trying to get media accreditation for a race event at TT circuit Assen. It was not easy to do so. I had some great help to do the right things and send the right papers to media center at Assen. But it took till last day I was …


Mini racing in the Netherlands is getting bigger and bigger. For many years Klaas Span entered a mini in different classes. But now his 2 sons Timo and Carst are running team Miniminded. 3 stunning cars racing the last few years. What this team makes so special ? Well they not only race their own …


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