Mini racing in the Netherlands is getting bigger and bigger. For many years Klaas Span entered a mini in different classes. But now his 2 sons Timo and Carst are running team Miniminded. 3 stunning cars racing the last few years. What this team makes so special ? Well they not only race their own mini’s but do help other miniracers racing and running their cars on the circuit. Paul Engel running a very nice Mini Innocenti Cooper. And Rodger Ebdon races his MK1 mini. Great to see them help eachother to get quicker laptimes.

The first race of the season was held on 2-13 may 2018.

Race 1 saw a close race with Paul Engel getting his car in front of the other mini’s but made a mistake in the closing lap and couldn’t finish the race. Rodger Ebdon took mini honours at race one.

Race 2 was more spectacular. A light drizzle made the circuit slippery. This was in favour of the mini’s. Already in the first laps 2 mini’s stormed to the front of the field. Rodger Ebdon followed a Porsche for 1st place closely followed by another Porsche. Timo making good laptimes meaning he got closer to Rodger Ebdon.  To bad Paul Engel could tangle with the mini’s. His car was to damaged after his mishap in race 1 so he didn’t start. Carst Span took it easy as this was his 1st wet race. But laptimes got up quicker at the end. Our Belgium driver Bernard Dierick was racing a steady race. But at the front the mini’s started to impress the spectators. The humble mini of Rodger Ebdon was closely followed by a big porsche.  But the race was long enough to hold the porsche behind the mini. Rodger came 2nd overall in this race. Superb result for this mini driver. Timo Spam came in 6th overall.


Race 3 was a lot different. It was dry and soon the front running mini’s where overtaken by the bigger cars. Rodger finished 7th overall. Timo Span came in 12th closely followed by Bernard Dierick 13th. Carst Span pick up more speed and finished 15th overall. In all not a bad day for the mini racers. in the dutch NK GTTC series.

Next race 9-10 june 2018 ADAC race Assen.





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