What a week

Well it was a hectic week. Was trying to get media accreditation for a race event at TT circuit Assen. It was not easy to do so. I had some great help to do the right things and send the right papers to media center at Assen. But it took till last day I was allowed to get a mediapass. But happy in the end. So 09-06-2018 was my day to get some great photo’s and of course a close view to the races.


The morning was filled with qualifying. All the cars of the NK GTTC got out early in the morning to get the fastest time.  Eric Holhausen was very quick in his BMW Batmobile.  But in the middle the battle off the britisch was in full swing. Rodger Ebdon was on top of this group of great britisch cars. 4 mini’s and 2 Jaguars where racing for best spot.

Race 1 was great. To see this field of cars from 66 to 81 is just wonderfull


Big field storming to first corner.


Back in the field saw these mini’s stand side by side at the starting grid.

Carst Span and Paul Engel.


Great action. Great cars.


Race 1 finished with Roger Ebdon as fastest mini followd by Paul Engel, Carst Span and Klaas Span.


Race2 even a closer battle with the jags ad mini’s through the whole race. Great to see these cars race like they did many years ago.


The race between the Brits was this time for the jags closely followd by the mini’s. The race was overshadowed with a fine for Roger Ebdon by speeding in pitlane. Sorry for Roger. To bad for him, it made him not race in race 3.

Sadly for me race 3 was next day so i wasn’t there.

But results where a little more mixed then race 2. 1 jag in front of 2 mini’s and then a Jag again followed by a mini.

Compleet album af this day you will find here.

Hope you like my blog. Please write a comment bellow.

Next event Spa Summer Classic. End yes I will try to bring best photo’s from this circuit.

Regards Racemini.nl Photography Roald Rakers

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