Bad day good day


12 February should be the day of getting my EU-racing license. Well it didn’t happen so easy. I even did not get to Zandvoort. Major problems on the mastercilinder made me not go to Zandvoort. Next try will be 2 april.

Altough this problem is solved, another problem made clear on the callipers. Somewhere someone messed with the caliper. One of the problems I had in november during racing. Also this problem is solved.

Our Mk III S project is under it’s way. Most parts for cage and seats are welded in. The body shell getting a very good clean. Cleaning the shell to it’s bare metal.





Last but not least. Finally after long surge I found myself a great book. High Speed Low Costs.It’s about the build of a single seater mini based racer called Terrapin. ┬áHope to build one somewhere in time. Got the building plans as well for the MK 1 and MK5 2 seater.

Great book and great reading. Altough the book is a reprint of the book first writen by Allan Staniforth. The technique of this mini based racer is still up to date. So if you ever hear of a Terrapin Mini, take a good look.