Spa Summer Classic

It was early saturday morning. Long drive to Circuit Spa. I had a good companion for the trip. So it wasn’t a boring trip. My longtime mate Willem wanted to go also to Spa. So better together then alone.  We were early at Spa. Nearly everything was quiet. Well that clanged in coming hours. Son the first races started. We missed out on the first race where a MKII morris mini raced.

Soon the NK GTTC mini’s raced the famous Spa circuit. Some close action for our mini friends

Paul Engel and Carst Span battled in the first few laps.

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What a week

Well it was a hectic week. Was trying to get media accreditation for a race event at TT circuit Assen. It was not easy to do so. I had some great help to do the right things and send the right papers to media center at Assen. But it took till last day I was allowed to get a mediapass. But happy in the end. So 09-06-2018 was my day to get some great photo’s and of course a close view to the races.


The morning was filled with qualifying. All the cars of the NK GTTC got out early in the morning to get the fastest time.  Eric Holhausen was very quick in his BMW Batmobile.  But in the middle the battle off the britisch was in full swing. Rodger Ebdon was on top of this group of great britisch cars. 4 mini’s and 2 Jaguars where racing for best spot.

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Mini racing in the Netherlands is getting bigger and bigger. For many years Klaas Span entered a mini in different classes. But now his 2 sons Timo and Carst are running team Miniminded. 3 stunning cars racing the last few years. What this team makes so special ? Well they not only race their own mini’s but do help other miniracers racing and running their cars on the circuit. Paul Engel running a very nice Mini Innocenti Cooper. And Rodger Ebdon races his MK1 mini. Great to see them help eachother to get quicker laptimes.

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21-1-2018 was a great day to do some photography. It started cold but the sun came out and made it a very nice day. In my hometown Almelo was a running event. I had to bring my camera and made some great photo’s of the runners. They run 2 , 4, 6 and 10km. The kids run 2km.

More photo’s on roaldrakers@smugmug

Hallo world

Welcome to my changed site.  Due to some changes of my old website I had to start this new one. More photo’s and more update’s on people I met last few years and coming years. So sometimes the blog will be a flash back in history and a look into the future? I hope you like the update’s and will follow me in the future.

Regards Photography