Memorable encounters (2)

Already in the story of Graham Strugnell I tolld you I followed rallycross in the early day’s. Well early it was as I had the age of around 8. We visited some rallycross races in Valkenswaard. And as a kid I already liked the mini’s go as fast as they can go. But in one of these races my eye got caught on some purple mini’s, don’t know why but they did.

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Memorable encounters

Already for a long time I have enclosed the mini into my live. As a young kid I’ve seen rallycross and other races were mini’s race.  Later I started my own racing career as a slalom driver. Building and racing my own mini. Around 2000 I came with the idea of looking for the drivers from the past. First it started just with photo’s, but later also trying to meet the drivers. One of these encounters is this all about.

“Memorable encounters” verder lezen